A Tale of Two Camps

On Monday, my invitation to the Jeff Beck Fantasy Camp arrived by email.  “A Once-in-a -Lifetime Experience!”  I am invited to go to Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp and jam with Jeff Beck and Brian Wilson.  Wow, in addition to four days in Las Vegas culminating in a live performance at the MGM Grand, campers get a “specially designed commemorative” t-shirt.  Yes, a “specially designed commemorative” t-shirt is one of the listed perks.

Does that whet your appetite?  T-shirt, Jeff Beck, Brian Wilson, and performing at the MGM Grand.  And, if you book now, you can take advantage of the “Early Bird Rate”!

I thought, “Jeff Beck, Brian Wilson, and a t-shirt, what a deal!”  Scrolling down the screen put the kibosh on this little bit of fantasy.  The “Early Bird Rate” is a mere $6,499.  Hotel packages are available.  For $6,499, you do not even get a hotel room, RV space, or campsite.  Breakfasts and dinners are not included.  Throw in air fare, and this fantasy is breathing on $8,000.

After doing the math and even though the “specially designed commemorative” t-shirt could be really cool, the American Express Gold Card went back in the wallet.  The Jeff Beck Fantasy Camp is for lobbyists, surgeons, and investment bankers.

Camping season must be near, and, thankfully, the Jeff Beck Fantasy Camp is not only option.

A week earlier, an email came from Paul the Pyronaut.  The email began, “Howdy Campers!!!”  Paul announced that he is ironing out the details for Sierra Surf Music Camp II.  His email certainly was not as flashy as the invitation to the Jeff Beck Fantasy Camp.  No link to a fancy website.  No head shots of instructors.  No off-the-chart graphics using multipe fonts and colors.  No world-renown Las Vegas hotel.  No promises of a “specially designed commemorative” t-shirt.

The only promises were the “same idea as last year (+++ ??? your input here),” many of the same teachers, and more reverb!  Last year’s faculty was amazing:  Paul Johnson, Dusty Watson, John Blair, Ferenc Dobronyi, and others.  In the surf music world, they may well be equivalent to Jeff Beck, Brian Wilson, and anybody else at the Jeff Beck Fantasy Camp.  And Sierra Surf Music Camp will culminate with a live performance at the Donner Mine Camp amphitheater and campfire.

That may not have the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas, but it is much more our style.  Plus, maybe this year we will have a Guitar Face 101 class.  And, who knows, maybe we will even get a “specially designed commemorative” t-shirt.

Get the check book ready for Paul’s next email.  We’re going to Sierra Surf Music Camp!

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