Aloha Radio - Way Cool!

For the upcoming show with Aloha Radio, we created a Facebook event, hung posters around Sacramento, left stacks of post cards where we could, and posted the show on several event websites.  We recently googled “Aloha Radio” + “Lava Pups” and had more than 400 so-called results.  They included referrals to our website and our “talking” poster and a huge number of duplications.

We also sent group and personalized emails to a bunch of folks.  Whether all of this translates into fannies in the seats will not be known until September 1st.  But, irrespective of the count, we know that we pulled our share of the promotion oar.

Of course, you may ask, “What is Aloha Radio anyway?  Why should I come out to see it on a Saturday evening?”  That led us to cyberspace to give you the skinny on Aloha Radio.  Read on, and you just might conclude that this is a show that you do not want to miss.

Surf rhythms meet Hawaiian sounds describes Aloha Radio.  Glissandos, reverb, echo, and whammy chords pay homage to surf while lap steel lines, ukulele strums, and clean single string fills give us Hawaii.  Vocals about big wave surfers, the tidal wave, cold waters, and waiting by the shore are themes which surf and Hawaiian music share. 

Whether its music is surf-tinged Hawaiian or Hawaiian-tinged surf, Aloha Radio does not serve up Beach Party pablum.  This is not Annette and Frankie.  Nor is it Beach Boy style harmonies about SoCal fantasies.  Rather, Lauren Mulderrig demonstrates her early musical influences:  Country and folk.  She and guitarist Alex Barnett write their originals.  The songs are fun but have some sophisticated twists.  At times, their music is introspective.  “You got me wondering why.  What am I working for?” is a line from Uninspired.  Haven’t we all been there before?

You may be thinking, “Their EP Big Wave Madness is excellent.  But can they play live?”  Aloha Radio is gig-tested -- over 100 shows in 2011.  They recently played the Doheny Surf Festival.  The band has had the same line-up for a few years and includes a rhythm section of “Captin” (bass) and Chris Hori (drums).  They have been on bills with Ben Harper, Weezer, Ziggy Marley, and Cake.  They also opened for some surf instrumental acts which we know and love:  The Surfaris (can you say, “Wipe Out”?); The Eliminators which feature John Blair; and the best surf band in the world -- Slacktone.  Its opening for Slacktone sold Aloha Radio to me!

Oh, yeah, Lauren surfs.  It is, in her words, a “new found muse.”  She also shares our love of surf music.  “Surf is one of those genres that shouldn’t have been forgotten about but it has been.  I think that the instrumental music is amazing . . . .  That’s kinda my little mission with [Aloha Radio], bring surf back to the masses.”  Masses may be a bit of hyperbole.  But bringing surf to Sactown is a worthy mission.

Are you convinced now that the Aloha Radio and Lava Pups show on September will be a really cool show?  We are.  Be there, aloha!

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