Camp Chronicles (12): A Cat with a Pompadour - Ivan and the Terribles

Editor’s Note: These chronicles started out as “letters” from Sierra Surf Music Camp.  But the story was bigger than a letter.  We hope that you are not exhausted yet.  The good news is that we are on the downhill side.

The applause for the Glitter Riptide Tiki Surf subsided.  Next up.  Ivan and the Terribles.  Everybody in this band had a family member or two in camp, which was truly family friendly.  Over the years, Paul the Pyronaut has voiced repeatedly his preference for all-age, family-friendly venues.  Why should camp be any different?

Ivan and the Terribles featured Dave March on guitar, our Glenn on drums, and the fathers of two of Paul’s prodigies on bass and guitar -- Defender Jon and Ivan Longacre.  They had built-in cheering sections.  Cheri for her grandfather Dave.  Jean for Glenn.  In addition to their prodigy sons, the wives of Defender Jon and Ivan were in the audience.  Matt Quilter -- the band’s coach -- also had brought his wife to camp.

If the Sunday Concert was a competition to be based on an Applause-O-Meter, Ivan and the Terribles had a leg up on the other bands.  But we were at camp for fun and camaraderie, not a battle of the bands.  Besides, as we all knew, the fix was in.

Ivan brought a bit of rockabilly attitude to the stage.  Pompadour.  Side burns.  Black leather jacket with a Sun Records patch.  Chain hanging off his black pants.  Black Converse Chuck Taylor hightops.  But rather than a rockabilly sneer, he wore a mischievous smile and a twinkle in his eye throughout camp.

Jon, Glenn, and Dave gave the band a touch of gray hair.  Not only did Matt coach and introduce the band, he joined the players on stage with his guitar.  He gave them another surf guy, as Ivan clearly was not a “surf guy.”

They started with “Pipeline,” which featured Dave on lead. 

For their second song, Ivan and the Terribles turned to Ivan and Glenn to provide a Latin-influence.  The band played a variation on “Malaguena” with Ivan on lead.  Glenn’s rock solid beat made the song work really well.  Ask him to play a Latin beat and Glenn shines.

Ivan and the Terribles finished their two songs.  Applause.  Cheers.  Shouts.  Family members all beamed with pride.  "Hey, that's my [Dad, Husband, Grandpa]."

Add some wood to the fire.  The Surf Miners were coming up.

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