Camp Chronicles (17): Encore and Living Up to the Hype

Editor’s Note:  Announcing good news to you readers.  Once you get through this post, only two more are coming.

Often folks have difficulty living up to the hype.  The buzz began on Saturday with the band listings.  It built on Saturday night when Paul the Pyronaut brought the Sneaky Tikis on stage with the Surf Camp All-Stars.  By 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, everything was ready to explode.

The Sneaky Tikis played.  They had lived up to the hype!

Yells of “encore” rained down throughout the amphitheater.  I am sure that the forest creatures of the night were shouting “encore” too as was the ghost of Fred Zeitler, who started the Zeibright Mine.

Paul the Pyronaut grabbed the microphone and shouted, “Wipe Out, Baby!”  Lukas pounded out the drum intro which is familiar to everybody in the world.  You do not have to be a surf music devotee to recognize the beginning of “Wipe Out.”

The surf jam was on!  Soon, the Pyronauts stepped in.  Instruments were handed off.  Tim seamlessly moved to the drums.  And the Pyronauts were playing “Wipe Out.”  Then Dusty Watson took over.  At some point, Dusty and Lukas were playing the kit while Tim lie on the concrete in front of the kick drum playing it with his sticks.  Paul the Pyronaut moved the microphone to capture three generations of drummers playing at once.

Campers, families, and faculty were standing.  They were caught up in the excitement and energy.

The instruments and stage returned to the Sneaky Tikis.  They finished off the raucous jam which began with the shout of “Wipe Out.”

Cheers.  Hoots.  Hollers.  Applause.  The entire camp communed on the floor of the amphitheater.  Congratulations were exchanged.  Proud parents grinned from ear-to-ear knowing that their sons had lived up to the hype and delivered high-energy and fun instrumental surf music.  High fives.  Fist bumps.  Hand shakes.  Hugs.

Were we ready for the Fourth Wave?  Hey, the Third Wave is not gone yet as shown by the playing of the Pyronauts, Matt Quilter, and Ferenc Dobronyi.  Dusty Watson and John Blair had their feet in both the Second and Third Waves.  The Third Wave still was going strong.

“Fourth Wave” had a nice sound to it though as we just had had a glimpse of the future.

But before the night could end, everybody gathered around the campfire before it flickered out to hear Dan -- our host -- told us of the ghost of Fred Zeitler. 

Pleasant dreams!

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