Ch . . . Ch . . . Changes! Remember What Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

We interrupt our regular programing for an important announcement! 

For some time now, an elephant has been in the room where the Lava Pups play.  I have semi-written a blog post entitled “Last Lesson?” which is tucked conveniently at the end of a bunch of thoughts, ideas, etc.  Denial?  The obvious truth which has gone unaddressed is that Paul is on his way out of here.  That somebody whom I value on many levels is moving five hours away.  That Don’s best friend is moving six hours away from Cool.

Over the last few days, blogging about Sierra Surf Music Camp kept me distracted from the elephant in the room.  But I cannot walk around it anymore.  Or look over it any longer. 

On Friday, Cheri listed Ferndale under “lives in” on Facebook.  Paul changed his employer to Ferndale Music Company.  The reality of the move hit as I posted “congratulations.”  Paul was five hours away and off on a new life which except for occasional “reunion” gigs would not include the Lava Pups.

Actually, the impact of the move registered the day before when Don announced that he was behind on projects at home and wanted to get some camping in over the summer.  So he was taking the summer off from our band.  He graciously said that he did not want us to stop on his account.  I joked that we could do a “Pups reunited” gig in Ferndale in support of Paul’s store. 

One day later . . . . Updates from Cheri and Paul.

Who knew that Friday night at Sierra Surf Camp just might have been the final curtain for the Lava Pups?

One week ago, we had a band.  One week later, we had half a band.  At what point in the change department do we have to become the “New Lava Pups”?  Can Glenn and I reinvent ourselves as something like the White Stripes?

So the tee-shirt wisdom of the day is “what does not kill us makes us stronger.”  What will happen next?  Stay tuned!

Now, we return to our regular programing.

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