Coming Soon: Sunday Surf Party and CD Release - Cool!

Enough digressing.  Time to get back to the story line.

Maybe you used the break to rush out and listen to some different recordings of “Louie Louie” after reading our blog.  I heard the Feelies’ version earlier this week on Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  Maybe you took a moment to write your legislator over the lack of an official California rock song.  That is truly a sad state of affairs.

Maybe you thought, “Oh, oh, senility finally set in.  Bill’s gone off on a couple of tangents now just like old folks are prone to do.  Will we ever get back to the Lava Pups?”

Well, the Pups are back.  Actually, they never were gone.  During the time that we departed from the underlying story line, we booked another Sunday Afternoon Surf Party at the Capitol Bowl.  You remember that is the historic Capitol Bowl, where Mick and Keith once bowled. 

We managed to convince Paul that we could get enough money in tips to pay the Pyronauts.  Memo to Bill:  Pimp the tip jar -- yeah, Chicago style, early and often. 

We created and printed up posters and fliers.  They were hung with care -- legally, of course.  We tried to email everybody who we thought might have an interest in the show.  We posted the show on various websites and Facebook. 

All of this in the hope that lightning can strike twice!  As we were informed time and time again recently, the odds of that happening are better than the odds of winning the Mega-Lottery.

At least serendipity struck again.  The “flat lands release” of the Pyronauts’ brand new CD - “Play for Surf” - will be at the Capitol Bowl.  We are calling it the “flat lands release” for geographical and timing reasons.  The Sacramento Valley is as flat as water in a frying pan.  Plus, on the Friday and Saturday nights before the Sunday Afternoon Surf Party, the foothills (Auburn and Grass Valley) will be treated to CD “release parties”  by the Pyronauts.  So, we are having a “Sunday Surf Party and CD Release” -- flat lands style.

All of this means getting back into the music playing mode.  For the other guys in the band, doing so is pretty easy.  Don and Glenn have innate talent.  And Paul probably could fall out of the back of the Pyrovan, grab a guitar, tune it, play along with any of our songs, and add embellishments to make them sound much better.

For me, getting back into the playing mode is always a struggle.  Even though I have a guitar in hand almost every day, I still have to go over songs that I should be able to play with ease by now.  Sometimes, however, brain lapses, bulky fingers, and a general talent deficit translate into nothing is easy.  A tiny, nagging voice keeps asking, “Why is this so hard?”  On top of that voice, guitar face keeps haunting me.

The good news is that we are band.  We cover up for each other.  Besides, who else knows -- or even cares -- when we screw up?  As for my guitar face, we can call it our schtick and move on.  That is why another voice shouts down the tiny, nagging voice.  “You’re in this to have fun.  Stuff happens.  So shut up, stop thinking, and have fun!”

And, really, the Pyronauts are the headliners -- biggest print on the poster.  They will have a new CD, new merchandise, and new songs.  The Lava Pups will provide some noise and fun while the Pyronauts’ fans fill the room.  We can handle that as long as nobody throws food at us.  Cool!

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