Davis BeerFest: Supporting a Worthy Cause

I recently ran into a friend whom I had not seen for several years.  When asked “how are you doing,” she responded, “Fine, but I’m looking and getting older.”  We agreed that getting older beat the alternative. 

The myth of not getting older led Ponce de Leon to Florida.  His quest is the foundation for the cosmetics industry for both women and men.  And how about cosmetic surgery?  How many advertisements for cosmetic surgeons did you count when you last flew on Southwest or read the “medical” issue of Sacramento Magazine? 

Trying to avoid the effects of old age drives folks to hair dyes and a bunch of creams sold by infomercials.  Big Pharma does not want to miss out on our obsession over aging by promising us, among other things, gleeful sexual relations forever.

Like Ponce de Leon, we endlessly search for the mythical fountain of youth.  But, deed down, we know that no fountain of youth exists.  Modern chemistry has not come up with a capsule, pill, jell, cream, lotion, or other potion to keep us forever young.

The simple fact is that we age.  Statistically, we will live longer than our parents, and our children will live longer than we do.  Longevity presents new challenges.  Our friends, our parents, or their parents confront maladies and obstacles that come with aging to which we never gave much -- if any -- thought. 

I may joke that I cannot “get air” on an attempted jump while on stage or can get up only gingerly -- and clumsily -- after trying to play a guitar from my knees.  Those signs of my age are nothing compared with what some of my friends face daily in worn out knees and hips, diabetes, dementia, renal failure, liver and heart disease, or being tethered to a walker or a wheel chair.

The reality of aging makes playing at the Davis BeerFest especially compelling for us.  All proceeds go to Citizens Who Care, a Yolo County nonprofit organization that offers social support and services to older adults and their family caregivers.  Trained volunteers, with the assistance of professional staff, provide an In-Home Respite Visiting Program, a Convalescent Hospital Visiting Program, and Time Off for Caregivers.  The mission of Citizens Who Care is to improve the quality of life for the elderly and their caregivers.

The unfortunate truth is that each one of us knows an older adult or family caregiver who can benefit from what Citizens Who Care and similar organizations do.  Fortunately, Citizens Who Care is there for some -- and with our and your support maybe more -- of those people in need.

That is why the Pups are particularly proud to play at the BeerFest on June 1st at the Sudwerk in Davis.  BeerFest!  How cool is that?  You can taste more than 100 hand-crafted beers, eat brats, listen to three bands (including the Pups), and support a worthy cause.  Designated drivers get a price break. 

Just remember the day that you may need what Citizens Who Care gives is not as far away as you may think.  After all, getting older sure beats the alternative!

For more information visit the Citizens Who Care website at http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/go/care/Beer.html.  We hope to see you at the BeerFest on Saturday.

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