Getting Ready: "We'll give you Pipeline if you give us Surf Rider"

The Sunday Surf Party is a week away.  Three hours of family fun with no admission to pay.  No parking to pay.  You can spend your money on bowling, food, and drink and have something left over to drop in the tip jar.

But three hours of rock ‘n roll just do not spring out of the blue.

Are you ready for more of what goes into a show?  You probably are thinking, “He doesn’t really care how I answer because he’s gonna tell me anyway.”  You are correct.

A couple of Sundays ago, we sat down with members of the VibroCounts and the Retronauts to plan for The Sunday Surf Party Is Back! show.  Stacks of posters and fliers were ready and waiting.  “Take as many as you need.  The 11x17s look nice framed.  The postcard-sized fliers are great in purses.  Give them to your friends and neighbors.  Hand them out at the gym and at work.”

Over beers, water, Diet A&Ws, and -- a constant for me -- coffee, we sat in the “living room” of the Doghouse, swapped stories, and agreed upon equipment for the show.  We will play through small amps and run the guitars and basses through the PA -- something new for the Pups. 

The rationale was impeccible.  “We’re getting older.  We don’t need to haul 80 pounds of amp and speakers.”  Fender Twin Reverbs and large speaker cabinets are for folks with young and strong backs.  Besides we do not need to blow the doors off of the Capitol Bowl.

Stage footprint and equipment were easy.  We then negotiated the order in which the bands would play.  Ego, familiarity, and experience all played a role.  Alphabetical order?  What the poster shows?  Years of experience?  Energy level?  Showmanship?  We finally came up with the Lava Pups followed by the Retronauts and then the VibroCounts.

Working out set lists followed with its inevitable “horse-trading.”  Who would play which of the surf staples like “Surf Rider,” “Pipeline,” “Wipe Out,” “Penetration,” and “Miserlou"?  Retro standards like "Sleepwalk" and "Walk, Don't Run"?  The process involved more trading than negotiating.

By the time we finished a couple rounds of refreshments, we had put together the logistics, schedule, and songs for the upcoming show.

The guys from the VibroCounts and the Retronauts headed off into the afternoon.  What lie ahead for the three bands was practicing for and promoting the show.  And probably some emails from me the week of the show confirming final, final details.

Yes, indeed, three hours of rock ‘n roll just do not spring out of the blue.

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