Heavy Surf! We're on the Same Bill as Slacktone

News flash in Blog Land!  If you got here through other pages of the website, it really may not be news.  But don’t quibble because we are stoked.

To set the stage, just imagine that you are a fan of a band or performer that you consider to be the best in a style of music you love.  It does not have to be an icon -- just the best in your mind.  How would you feel if you got to strut your stuff at the same show as that band?  If your name appeared on a poster with them?  If you would be stoked, this blog’s for you.

Not too long ago, we started to plan for another gig with the Sneaky Tikis -- something in their neighborhood in late September.  Then came a text from Paul the Pyronaut: “Can you guys open for The Pyronauts at the Beach Hut Deli on October 6?  Still trying to firm things up.  But this could be really big!”

Instant response by instant text message:  “Yes.”  The plans for something in late September were put on hold.

What could be really big?  The return of the Pyronauts to Auburn?  The Sneaky Tikis and the Pyronauts?  Those events would be moderately -- not “really” -- big.  So Paul had to be working on something with somebody from out of the area.

Speculation.  Speculation.  Maybe somebody from the bay area.  A reunited Pollo del Mar?  The Tomorrowmen?  Frankie and the Pool Boys? 

Digging deep into the optimism vault of speculation:  Slacktone?  The little voice then started in.  “Don’t think about that.  Thinking about it could jinx it (if that’s what it is)!  Don’t say a word.  Wait.”

A week or so later, a new text from Paul:  “Slacktone is coming to Auburn on October 6!”  Holy smokes, scrape me off the ceiling.  We were going to be on the same bill with the best surf band in the world! 

To maintain some semblance of nonchalance, my text response was, “Cool!”  Deep down my heart was pounding; my mind was racing.  We were going to be on the same bill with the best surf band in the world!

Then Paul texted, “Will you do a poster?”  What do you mean “will I do a poster”?  What a privilege just to be asked.  That, of course, led to immediate artist’s block.  I scanned the walls of the Doghouse for an idea.  Cartoon?  Surfer Dude?  Tikis?  Woody?  Hot Rod?  Classic Car?

Then the block broke.  Go old school!  What do you think?

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