Keep Casting, and . . . Voila!

After allowing enthusiasm to blind good sense, the little voice sounded peeved.  “You know better than to rely on people who count beans to the exclusion of a greater potential.”  The little voice scolded, “You did this once before!  Don’t you ever learn?”

The little voice was right.  But it said nothing about trying to reach higher.  How about getting excited about something that would be real fun?  Sue told me that our home town fair might be looking for bands with “strong Yolo County connections.”  Hey, no harm in dropping another line in the water.  Playing at your home town County Fair is worth expending both energy and some dream power.

Of course, the reality was that fair was less than two weeks away and already booked.  Maybe next year . . . .  And the little voice kept quiet.  Tacit agreement?

Enough dreaming.  Back to the Mac and dash off some more emails.  More lines in the water.  Not even a nibble.

Then . . . from out of nowhere . . . well, really from out of the ethernet or whatever . . . an email . . . and not from anybody whom I had bugged.  Thought: “That’s fortuitous.”

The gist of the email was that a Southern California surf rock/pop group -- Aloha Radio -- was booked for a venue in Sacramento and the Lava Pups would be a great fit musically to open.  Ten to twenty minutes on the worldwide web reading websites, visiting Facebook pages, listening to songs, and watching videos confirmed that opinion.

It was a no-brainer.  Aloha Radio is a surf and Hawaiian influenced band fronted by a young woman who sings and plays ukulele.  They are on their “Making Waves” tour of the west coast -- their first “tour.”   Originating in SoCal, they have played on the same bills as the Surfaris of “Wipe Out” fame, the Eliminators for whom John Blair now is lead guitar, and the best surf band in the world -- Slacktone.  The venue is an all ages coffee house serving beer and wine.  It offers comfortable seating and food.  Clean and relatively new.  The show starts at 8:30 -- even earlier if the audience is ready which is incentive for us to put on the maximum pimp.

What’s not to like about any of that?  Nothing from the little voice but silence.  So . . . .

We are opening for Aloha Radio on September 1 at Shine.  And we are stoked!

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