Rerun: Sierra Surf Music Camp - Packed Up and Ready to Go

Sierra Surf Music Camp starts tomorrow afternoon.  It will feature Paul the Pyronaut and Dusty Watson -- the best surf drummer on Earth -- as camp directors.  The sweet sounds of reverb, electric guitars, and the surf beat will interrupt the idyllic Sierra serenity of the Bear Valley.  To paraphrase a line you may have heard somewhere or sometime, the valley will be alive with the sound of music. 

In the collective minds of the campers communing at the Donner Mine, that will put everything right with Nature.  We only can hope that the bears, coyotes, and other creatures of the night feel the same.  Doesn't music soothe the savage beast?

Becky is excited to go.  She made that apparent when she started a list of items to take to camp.  Soap.  Paper towels.  Shampoo.  Towels.  Linens.  Art supplies.  She confirmed her excitement when she asked me what to add to her list.  Generally, when we travel, I do not have much input.  My suggestions, however, were staples for a long weekend of music:  Beer, wine, coffee, and snacks. 

Armed with her list, Becky went to Trader Joe’s and then brought her purchases to the Doghouse.  She boxed them and laid them out for later.  “We’ll pack up and leave from here.”

She also went through our home office and garage cabinets looking for her art supplies.  “I know that my travel water color kit is here somewhere.  Where did I put my travel sketch book?”  Eventually, she found everything that she wanted.  That saved us from a trip to University Art, which is like Costco or Home Depot for impulse buying.

Becky plans to study Tai Chi and surf art at camp.  She will get to know Jim Lee -- surf artist and Tai Chi practitioner -- well.  Reading is on her agenda as is watching the instructors and music campers perform.  She is looking forward to a restful and entertaining Memorial Day weekend.

In addition to beer, wine, coffee, and snacks, my list -- mental, not physical -- included the stuff from which music is made.  Guitar.  Bass (maybe I will learn how to use the thing for something more than decoration) and practice amp.  Cords.  Tuner.  Picks.  Ear plugs.  The list could go on -- and on ad infinitum -- except that most of the items were already ready to go.  How is this really any different from going to practice or a gig?

I stacked my camp essentials alongside what Becky previously laid out.  A beer change was made:  Downtown Brown -- brewed in Humboldt County -- in homage to Paul’s upcoming move.  The stack was not quite as nice as in our Pup animation.  Still, except for clothing and linens, we were ready to go. 

Maybe we are ready too soon.  Wouldn’t some last minute scurrying about add some tension or confusion?  Not necessary.  After all, we already have waited long enough and getting to the Bear Valley will seem to take “forever.” 

If I was not driving, I would be asking, “Are we there yet?  What’s taking so long?”  Yeah, just like a little kid!

P.S. - Check out our “The Pup Is Ready for Camp” animation.

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