The Animated Pup Goes High Tech But . . . .

I may have too much time on my hands as we have a new “talking” poster.  On the other hand, why waste a semester of being insulted -- for being both elderly and computer-impaired -- at a local community college?  Or is "I find that with people your age . . . " just some polite segue used in modern education?

The Pup in our animations has tended to be more high tech than initially envisioned.  He was introduced to the World in a Prius -- a nifty and very Twenty-First Century hybrid.  A few Twentieth Century modifications -- a V-8 and supercharger -- probably set the Prius image back a long ways. 

Then, we served up the full Pup.  He was quite dapper in a Nat Nast style shirt.  Hip and off to camp.  His cool, however, did not carry the day.  Critics panned his legs.  “Not dog legs.”  “Too human-like.”  “Not furry enough.”  “Feet too big.”  On and on, they complained.

Undaunted by the critics, we did not rework the legs.  Instead, our first “talking” poster featured the Pup and a new character -- the Surfer Dude.  Straight ahead juvenile fun.  But the critics again focused on the Pup’s legs.  The good news was that they had nothing to add to their previous critiques.

In the latest “poster,” old is juxtaposed with new.  The Pup wears a traditional Hawaiian shirt (old school), checks an iPad (21st Century), and finds Aloha Radio.  And the critics be damned; his legs are unchanged. 

An iPad!  At this rate, is a smart phone in his future?  He could be walking and texting.  Or standing in line at Starbucks, talking on the smart phone, and then ordering a triple low-fat latte with a shot of chocolate and two shots of peppermint.  But that would be contrary to the vision of a hip Pup.  He is too cool to speak on the phone in the line at Starbucks.  That is for the uncool and the uncouth.

Or do we go back to the original concept of the Pup looking back across the rear deck of an early 60s or late 50s car and promoting an upcoming show?  That would be low tech and avoid any more grief about his legs.

The animated Pup is a work in progress.

Hey, does anybody other than the critics really give a rip about his legs?  Oh, yeah, click here to check him out.

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