Under New Management?

When we left the debate last week, the Nagging Little Voice was skeptical of the notion of a band manager.  “Isn’t that a bit grandiose?” 

In disregard of that skepticism, the idea was broached to Becky.  “How about being our manager?”  Her response of requiring a written job description and proposal was unexpected.  A written job description!  Proposal!

Now what?  How about the “l’ll get back to you with that but in the meantime” approach?    Maybe she could intern or start without a proposal and job description.  Or I could give up any control of the situation with “draft up a job description from which we can work.”  Will the proposal have to include vacations and holidays?  The internal debate was making my head hurt.  This was too much like a labor negotiation when music is supposed to be fun!

So I rubbed my aching head and, absent a pithy comeback, returned to my whine, “What can you do when you do not have time to do the things that you need to do to do the things you want to do?”

Fortunately, Becky did not drop the matter or sit around waiting for a written job description or proposal.  After all, she is a woman of action. 

Within a few days, she confirmed a return to the Capitol Bowl, which had made peace with the ASCAP Police.  That meant the return of the Sunday Surf Party.  She also started to work on getting the Pups a spot at a charity benefit.  In short order, that was scheduled too.  Yes, indeed, she was taking care of some of the “band business” that had been neglected.

Take that, Nagging Little Voice!

Of course, the Nagging Little Voice always seems to manage the last word.  “How are you doing on the job description and proposal?”

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