Wow! Holy Smokes! OMG! Is This a Dream?

Could our last blog have been prescient.  It ended with, “But maybe my Dad is looking down and saying, ‘See what you can do if you just put your mind to it.  Dreams should be lived.’”

That was published early Wednesday morning.  At about 4:00 that very afternoon, I received a call.  “Hi, this is Sean.  I do the booking for the Press Club.  I know this pretty short notice, but can you guys open for Dick Dale next week?”

“What!  Open for the King of the Surf Guitar!” the Little Voice exclaimed.  It then calmly talked me down off the ceiling.  “Hang on to the phone.  Breathe deeply.  The show is on Thanksgiving.  Contain yourself.  Isn’t this unbelievable?  Sound responsible.”  The Little Voice was so stoked that it was helping for a change.

That short internal dialogue led to my response, “Sean, I really want to do it and know that our drummer will be in L.A.  I got to check with the rest of the band.  Can you wait until I do that?”  Sean was receptive.  We discussed some logistics.  The Little Voice, however, was way ahead and beginning to suggest drummers.

“I’ll get back to you by noon tomorrow.”  I hung up.  Wow!  Holy Smokes!  The opportunity to open for Dick Dale!  Isn’t that the dream of every surf band?

Making that dream a reality required three steps in less than 24 hours.  First, get agreement on my home front about bailing out on our Thanksgiving plans.  Second, get a commitment from the rest of the band who would be bailing out on their families’ Thanksgiving plans.  Third, get a drummer who most likely would be bailing out on another family’s Thanksgiving plans.

Step one was fast.  I called home, “We got a problem for Thanksgiving . . . .”  Becky’s response was, “What do you mean a ‘problem’?  Are Sue and Robert on aboard?  Why don’t you try ____ as a drummer?  Do you have any others in mind?”  Step two required some waiting for Robert to check, but Becky was working on that too.

After a couple of inquiries, we still were without a drummer.  Then came the flash.  Rikki Styxx!  You may recall her resume from Surf Music Camp:  The drummer for Kiss Kiss-Bang Bang -- a band recognized by Little Steven -- and wife of Dusty Watson -- the best surf drummer in the world who is touring with the King of the Surf Guitar.  She knows the music and has a garage sensibility, and playing before Dick Dale might not be bailing out on Thanksgiving plans.

My Facebook message to Rikki ended with “We know it is a long shot.”  I then headed off for phase two of a root canal.  Becky could not contain herself and opened up my Facebook.  As I pulled into the dentist’s parking lot, Becky called.  “The answer is yes!  Rikki will play.” 

Yes, indeed, dreams should be lived!


  • Rikki Styxx

    Rikki Styxx

    Living the dream baby, living the dream........

    Living the dream baby, living the dream........

  • dusty


    Livin the Dream indeed

    Livin the Dream indeed

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