Monster Mash 2013 - Another Bad Hair Day on its Way?

Dear Loyal Readers (and Not-So-Loyal Readers),

The Monster Mash is coming back!  We’re shooting for something bigger and better than last year’s inaugural pre-Halloween party.  We are not so pretentious that we will use Roman numerals.  “Monster Mash II” clearly is not our style.  But we have high hopes that the historic Capitol Bowl will be rockin’ again.

Costumes, prizes, music, fun - all for free admission.  If you part with a few dollars here and there, you have food, drink, and bowling.  You even might dance.  Last year, more than a hundred revelers joined the Sneaky Tikis, Rockabilly Love Cats, and the Pups.  Cash Bobby Dickson, a professional musician, helped sing “The Monster Mash.”  The afternoon truly was a graveyard smash.

Last year’s Monster Mash marked the debut of the Hawaiian tux.  At the Battle of the Surf Bands, the Kool Kat described it as made of couch fabric.  But we all know that nobody would put that pattern on a couch.  How could you decorate around it?

Last year, I donned a wig - cheap and synthetic - that had been teased out and saturated with hair glue and hair spray.  The goal was for the hair to stand straight up - stiff like a soldier at attention.  Some touches of silver paint were added to reduce the contrast between the pure black of the synthetic “hair” and my formerly black natural hair.  The whole look was rather outlandish.

But it was a Halloween party.  If you cannot dress up for that, you are destined for a buttoned-down life.

The hair glue, hair spray, and paint lacked true holding power.  Maybe varathane or shellack would have helped.  By the end of the afternoon, the wig had lost its body.  I was having a bad hair day.  Moreover, the combination of hair glue, hair spray, and paint emitted a less than pleasant smell - a noxious odor that persists even today.  I cannot set up the PA at the Doghouse without wondering if the wig is toxic and threatening the Pups’ longevity.

With the upcoming Monster Mash 2013 and fears of poisoning my scalp, my thoughts recently turned to a new wig.  Last year’s wig most likely is beyond styling.  Even though spray lacquer might yield a desired result, my real hair might not survive.

So the search has started.  The search criteria are not very complicated:  capable of styling and restyling, will not fall apart when teased a bit, holds its body, can be colored to blend with my natural hair, and . . . relatively inexpensive.  Despite those simple criteria, a google search drew blanks.

Am I destined for another bad hair day?  Stay tuned.


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