Two Days To Go - West Sac Traffic Jam

Our Surf Party and CD Release is on Sunday!  The Pyronauts and the Lava Pups.  That is less than two days away.  But it has an easy and loose kind of feel.

The full Pyronauts or the Pyronaut trio are playing in Auburn on Friday night (oh, that is tonight), Roseville on Saturday afternoon, Grass Valley later that night, and the Capitol Bowl on Sunday afternoon.  That is a bunch of gigs, loading and unloading, and driving.  The Pyrovan will be loaded out so Paul said, “We’ll use the Pyronauts’ drums and bass amps.”

Thank you very much.  We do not have to bring some of our equipment.  Time saved and one less worry.  Need to hit that “easy” button that we bought at Staples back when “easy” buttons were cool.  Or maybe we got them for free when we ordered office supplies from Staples.

No matter.  Bonk!  “That was easy.”

Paul and I went over the set list for Sunday.  No new songs.  Nothing that we have not done before.  Maybe some new wrinkles.  After all, we have to have some surprises for the people who come to see us play.  But not enough to justify getting too excited.  We had full band and “trio” practices.  The consensus is that we are ready.

Hit the button again.  Bonk! “That was easy.”

What could I possibly worry about now?  Well . . . .  This morning, as I was laying out a suit and tie for work, I heard a cell phone ringing in the front of the house.  Darby (the original Lava Pup) came in and gave me an inquisitive look.  He surely was asking, “Are you going to answer that?”

So, why would somebody be calling at 7:00 in the morning?  We checked and were told, “Turn on the news.  The police have surrounded businesses around the Doghouse and are patrolling the area.  We’ve locked ourselves in and are watching what’s happening!”  Huh?

Grab the remote.  Click.  “We have breaking news from West Sacramento.  Shots have been fired at a business on Harbor Boulevard.”  Yeah, that is just around the corner from the Doghouse.  “A pick-up was hijacked at Duluth.”  Oh, oh, that is even closer.  “After a chase, the pick-up crashed on the Causeway.  Shots were fired at the police!”  Hey, maybe they drove right by the Doghouse.

A man-hunt was underway.  SWAT, helicopters, K-9 units.  Interstate 80 was closed down.  “Interstate 80 is a parking lot!”  For the next couple of hours, we were treated to different views of West Sacramento and Interstate 80.  From the air:  “Here is a shot from the Live Copter 3.”  From the ground:  “Now reporting from the east end of the Causeway . . . .”  From the ground again:  “Here is our reporter near the scene on Harbor Boulevard in West Sacramento.”  By computer:  “Traffic Pulse 3 reporting traffic is at a standstill on Interstate 80 and the connectors from 5, 50, and Business 80.”

So much for the longstanding efforts to clean up the image of West Sacramento as crime-infested.  A few gun shots and . . . .  At least, nobody mentioned its history of prostitution and drugs.

Now I can worry about how many souls will be scared off by today’s traffic jam and parking lot on the three interstates serving Sacramento.  Before that, Sunday’s Surf Party and CD Release was going a bit too smoothly.

But why worry?  We all know that stuff happens.  And Paul and I agreed that goal for both bands on Sunday is to have fun and make sure that the audience has fun.

Bonk!  “That was easy.”

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